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We are adhering to all guidelines
regarding sanitation and safety as
listed by WHO.
Regular Temperature Check-ups
It is mandatory for our staff, delivery boys and
visitors to get their temperature checked with
our infra-red contactless thermometer while
checking in and checking out of the office.
Contactless Delivery
For your safety, we are following zero contact
delivery and pick ups of devices. Our delivery
boy will come and drop the package without
coming in contact with anyone from your family.
Sewa with Safety Sanitisation
Our staff, delivery boys and visitors sanitise their
hands regularly. Even our warehouse and facility is
sanitized at frequent intervals. Our devices and
packaging boxes are also properly sanitized.
Masks & Gloves
Compulsory for all the employees
to wear KN 95 masks along with
gloves which are replaced every 24
hours at all times.
Social Distancing
Staff is maintaining a minimum of
one meter distance while working
or socializing.
Stay Home. Stay Safe.
Employees have been advised to stay at
home if they or any of their family members
show any symptoms.

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What is Openbox Device?

There are times when costumers return their phones after opening the seal for as basic reasons as “the colour of the phone is not good”. Such phones are called Unboxed/ Openbox/ Box-opened Phones. Once the seal of the phone is opened, the seller cannot sell it as a new one. So we decided to dedicate one specific segment to such unsealed but brand new phones. Under this segment, you’ll find plenty of Seal-open smartphones that you can buy at much less price than its actual market price. Our team pays special attention to the quality check of all the products.

What is Refurbished Device?

Here at Electronic Sewa, we have a wide range of refurbished devices (i.e., phones with minimal or no usage) that you can buy at affordable rates. All these refurbished smartphones have been passed through a rigorous quality check under the supervision of our experts. Post quality check, if needed, our tech-team restore these smartphones to their full functionality and make them as good as new ones. All the phones under this segment come with standard accessories available with the original product in a perfect working condition, and 6-8 months of Seller Warranty.

What is Pre-Owned Device?

Pre-owned Mobile Phones are ‘used phones’ that we sell at budget-friendly rates to our clientele. All the pre-owned smartphones on our website, undergo systematic quality inspection process and are restored to their original factory settings before selling them to our clients. You may notice some signs of wear and tear or visible fine scratches on our post quality check products, but we can assure you that the device will run perfectly. So if you are planning to upgrade your phone but struggling with budget issues you can buy one of our pre-owned smartphones at super low cost.

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